At Erba Atelieridrotermica was founded in 1983 by far-sighted entrepreneurs,

who, anticipating the progress, created an “atelier” showing off the cult of public and private wellness through the design and implementation of utter “haute couture” realizations, from the tiniest pool or sauna up to the largest wellness centre, whose “fabrics” are water, warmth and vapour: pools and wellness centres, custom “tailored” to perfectly “dress” the clients wishes and requirements.


The original denomination “wellness tailors” has been created to describe effectively the “maison” style.

Today Atelieridrodinamica stresses further those values on which its reputation has been built up: experience, noticeable skill, details precise analysis, which permit to their creative team to propose, design and implement outstanding products, based on new technologies, materials, and implementation techniques that at first glance distinguish themselves by elegance, accuracy, quality and functionality.
The large show-room allows to put hands on some realizations, to appreciate directly forms and details. In the core of the “maison”, one can find the design department, but also the technical assistance lab, which is the essential feature assuring the masterpiece level of quality for years and years long.


From the idea to its realization

– By means of a thorough knowledge of the client and its requirements, and from the analysis of the space and of the ambient where the product has to be placed, the atelier team conceives the most suitable model.

– The product is presented to the customer, together with a detailed economical proposal, by means of simulations of the project (by computer or photographic presentations, accurately based on images of the actual components).

– This approach allows the customer to get a realistic image of the final product, thus checking the compliance of the project to its requirements, evaluating possible modifications and having a full preview of what he shall get eventually.

– With timely precise organization and by ensuring compliance with all legal obligations, both economically and technically, the atelier starts the construction site, where the contracted work shall be executed by skilled professional personnel as far as its completion and commissioning, with all the necessary legal approvals for its operation by the customer.
Technical assistance and maintenance are assured according to the contractual clauses, which shall include mutually approved guarantee terms.

That’s how the 100% WELLNESS COUTURE products by Atelieridrodinamica come to life.